Counselor & Documentation Officer

Counselor & Documentation Officer

Mr Adhikari is a young high-flyer who is fueled by his passion for travelling and learning new modern technologies. He is a QEAC Certified Education Counselor for Australia at KBA Global since the early month of 2019.

Over the year, Sanjib has helped many students in choosing the right university and applying for the student visas in Australia. Skilled in Documentations, Counselling, and Technology, he also contributes to data-keeping and preparing university applications and documents. He believes that it is merely a superior feeling to go to another country and learn about culture, traditions, see new faces, and feel the beauty of nature.

Besides counselling and documentation, you can find him on an adventure to the hills or reading books under a tree.

  • Sanjib Adhikari
  • Counsellor/Documentation Officer
  • KBA Global Pvt.Ltd, Chitwan Branch
  • +977-9815259419

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